What are the Advantages of Automation on Small Businesses

What are the Advantages of Automation on Small Businesses

Automation is gaining popularity in businesses, both large and small. Everyone is trying to automate their workplace, services and management. So why is automation so much in-demand? Well, the experts will tell you all you need to know about the numerous advantages automating your business could bring you.

Accuracy and Consistency in Operations

“Automation has a clear productivity benefit. However, the real gems that shine from automating your processes are accuracy and reliability. It is the foundation of any productive department; without it, chaos, confusion, and dissatisfied users reign. Automated software ensures that all prerequisite jobs are successfully completed, that no jobs are forgotten or run out of order, and that any special processes are carried out.  The software can intelligently and dynamically handle tedious and complex tasks, freeing personnel from hours of tedious, manual work. Customers who receive consistently high-quality service are happy, satisfied, and loyal. Business process automation ensures that every action in a business operation is carried out precisely and consistently, resulting in high-quality and consistent results every time. This also ensures consistent customer service throughout the customer journey.”

Lacy Summers, Chief Marketing Officer, Crush the PM Exam

Increase Marketing ROI

“Marketing automation will assist you in maximizing your budget and improving your performance. You can use a variety of low-cost platforms for email marketing, CRM and sales, programmatic ad buying, consumer targeting, and eCommerce (e.g., product recommendations). Automation, in particular, aids in the processing, analysis, and organization of vast amounts of consumer data so that personalization techniques can be implemented, which will be critical to enhancing sales and marketing performance in the coming years.”

Naomi Bishop, Chief Insurance Officer – Surfky

Minimize Human Errors

“Many company processes can be made more accurate with the aid of automation. You can remove costly mistakes caused by manual processes such as re-keying information from one system to another, from invoicing and bookkeeping to order processing and inventory management. For example, shipping software ensures that you print the correct delivery labels, scheduling software reduces employee management mistakes, and a smart inventory tool removes the need to manually count goods.”

William Munir, CEO Grooming Hut

Improves Productivity

“Automation, in my view, is constantly changing the world around us. It has the potential to greatly improve productivity. Automation is a must-have for any small business or startup since it certainly provides several additional benefits. Starting a new company can be extremely difficult. Developing a high-performing company involves diligence and a pinch of good fortune. A push toward automation can make it less taxing on entrepreneurs. When an entrepreneur is running a company, various tasks require the entrepreneur’s attention. Organizing himself by the use of a virtual assistant could prove to be a wise decision rather than incurring the high cost of a full-time secretary. Google Home and Amazon Alexa are both intelligent and compact virtual assistant tools. They keep you informed of upcoming tasks. They will remind you of important events by the use of associated gadgets. Nowadays, almost everything is automated, from train reservations to airline reservations. Computerization simplifies and increases the effectiveness of companies and their clients. It assists companies with deals, product promotions, customer management, inventory management, back-office operations, and human resource management. Businesses that automate their operations and work processes reap tremendous benefits. Sales automation will assist you in this endeavor. It enables you to build a bid, greeting pages, email promotions, and social media integration. The person who first communicates with the client creates the case, which is then passed to the first available professional. Routing instructions may be used to direct cases referred to specific specialists. This will ensure a fruitful and predictable client interaction. Automation is a unique function that cannot be overlooked. This is also a significant phenomenon in cross-platform application growth, a consideration that we should all take into account.”

Chris Taylor, Marketing Director Profit Guru

Saves Time

“The biggest advantage of automating tasks for small businesses is that it saves time. Data entry by computers takes a lot less time. You can run jobs in the middle of the night when your human employees are asleep, so they’re ready when people come in the morning. You should do things ahead of time instead of just in time if you have a bigger workload. If an order is received on Monday and must be delivered on Wednesday, automation will also help you send it out by Tuesday, allowing your company to perform better than before.”

Jason McMahon, Digital Strategist Bambrick

Improving Customer Satisfaction

“Picking inaccuracy is reduced by automation, ensuring that the consumers get the correct order every time. However, automation can be used to simplify the business-customer relationship, allowing you to keep consumers updated if you run out of a given product or if a shipment takes longer than anticipated. You may also use an automated system to easily respond to consumer requests and concerns. If a customer has a problem with one of your items, you can quickly look up their order number, shipping date, and sales history. Marketing analytics systems also assist you in compiling and using a variety of consumer data. Smart targeting techniques help you pinpoint your target demographic with greater precision, from the posts they connect with online to website monitoring, so you can better identify their needs.”

Ansh Gupta, Founder of Empire Crafter

Improve the way you Handle your Activities

“The smaller the team, the more information each person must keep track of. Managing your offerings, customer contact lists, orders/projects, and more are essential if your company sells goods or services. It may also be more difficult to train new employees on how to follow the operations if these management procedures aren’t well known. Productivity can be increased through business process automation that streamlines operations. New employees who go through a formal onboarding phase, for example, are 50% more efficient than those who don’t. Standardized operations also ensure that the staff provides better support behind the scenes and to your customers.”

Chana Charach, CFO at Income.ca

Helps your Business cope with Changing Market Demands

“Automation helps businesses cope and survive in such an ever-growing and ever-changing industry. At the surface, automation helps businesses provide their customers and audiences with a quicker and more improved service while saving on both time and effort but it does so much more than just that. With a few tasks out of the way, a company can now shift its eyes and channel its energy into further honing their workforce’s skills and prepare themselves for the future. With this being said, automation also needs to be implemented right and be kept in check. In order for automation to be truly effective, it needs to be customized and tailored to a customers’ needs. Making sure that automation has a more personalized touch and is constantly optimized allows you to ensure your company’s overall growth.”

Simon Elkjær, Chief Marketing Officer, avXperten

With all the advantages it brings to the table, automating just could be the ticket your small business needs to grow into success.

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