How To Get Software Testing Job Without Experience

How To Get Software Testing Job Without Experience

Landing a software testing job without any experience seems like an impossible task. However, most people fail to realize that they already have some testing experience using daily apps and websites!

Anyhow, today, in this blog post, we are going to learn; how to get into a software testing job without any experience. Let’s take a look at the strategies.

Study The Basics Of Software Testing

If you want to get a job in the field of software testing, there are many resources available. Some free and others paid for learning material will be helpful but remember it’s important not only concentrate on getting experience like working through tutorials or reading books; spend time every day practicing what has been learned with an hour dedicated specifically towards that goal!

Get Certified WIth ISTQB Foundation Level Certification 

For those who are in search of their first testing job, certification can be a good way to increase employability. I think this is particularly true if you have no experience in evaluating testers or other professions that require ISQB Foundation Level Certification – but even then, the knowledge of what it takes could still come in handy!

Sign Up to uTest

Testers can find their perfect match on the amazing freelancing platform, uTest. It’s got a huge community and tons of resources to help you get started with testing – You sign up for an unpaid project in order to learn about what kind of testers are out there before getting paid projects where bugs will make sure that come true!

Join Software Testing Communities

Networking is no doubt the key to success in this industry. I have been working as part of Quality Assurance for over a decade now, and being active within my community has helped me tremendously when it comes time for job inquiries or new opportunities popping up!

Join testing communities today – you’ll be glad that you did because there are many wonderful people ready and willing to help you.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a great way to quickly and efficiently reach out for potential opportunities. A lot of software testing jobs start with an introduction on LinkedIn, which makes it important that you have one as well! Provide any courses or certifications in your profile so employers can see what experience you’ve had outside of Utest.

Make your profile look good. Add a photo of yourself and ask a friend or other testers to review it, then improve on what is lacking in the interests section, so you will be more easily findable by potential employers!

Handling Interviews

You know that interview nerves can really get to you, especially if it’s your first time. But don’t worry because the more interviews you do and topics covered in each one will make for an improved understanding of how best to answer questions when things go south during future job talks! So before every meeting with potential employers, take five minutes—just like drivers who use their mirrors regularly or people exercising -to review what worked well last time, so there are no surprises come crunch-time.

We hope this blog post was helpful and informative for you. If you want to read more such articles, visit Free BSD Made Easy

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