Write for Us: New Technologies Guest Post Opportunities

Free BSD Made Easy is a blog for anyone interested in staying updated with the latest tech news, trends, updates, technology and business ideas, future tech articles, reviews, and more! We aim to provide quality content to our audience. 

Our audience includes techies as well as non-techies from several industries. We seek to become the go-to resource for these people, and we believe guest posts are perfect for reaching and engaging with them. 

Why publish a guest post with us?

We appreciate writers and bloggers that can provide well-written and value-adding articles. We make sure to promote their content through our website and various social media platforms. With us, you can target a wider audience with your content. Our readers eagerly wait to read tech content, and it’s always exciting to have new writers on board. 

Who can post on Free BSD Made Easy?

We look for contributors who identify with any of the following:

  • Those who are tech enthusiasts, have experience writing about tech news, and wish to reach a wider audience. 
  • Those who work with brands that relate to our site’s themes and content. 
  • Those who write for similar audiences and want to connect with more fellow technology enthusiasts. 

Tips and requirements for getting your article published:

Our blog is an equal opportunity publisher. If your content is excellent, consider it published! But before you get started, here are some helpful tips for writing your blog:

  • You must write a well-structured post that has no errors and has not been plagiarized. 
  • Your content must be unique, spell-checked, and should make sense. 
  • Your content must have genuine facts, with sources to prove them.
  • You must not include any affiliate links.
  • You should choose a topic that fits well with the rest of our blog, but is still original and includes new insight.
  • You should double check your article to make sure there are no broken links or spam content. 

Non-negotiable tips that must be followed:

  • Your content must range from 500 to 1200 words in length. 
  • Add at least one high resolution picture in your article. 
  • Article must relate to the tech industry.

Sample post topics of Free BSD Made Easy

  • 5 Tech Skills Today’s Employees Must Have
  • How Technology Has Innovated Estate Planning
  • The Pros and Cons of Smart Locks
  • The Best Property Management Software of 2021

Publishing your content with us:

Writing for us is simple. You should first read some of our previous blogs to get a clearer understanding about what types of content we publish. 

As soon as you submit your post, it will be taken into consideration by our team. We will check each submission thoroughly. Our editors usually receive a lot of submissions, so we queue your content once it has been approved. To make sure it gets approved right away, follow our specified guidelines. 

You can also become our regular contributor. Free BSD Made Easy welcomes new content frequently.

You can contact us by emailing us at [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you!