How To Land A Software Engineering Job

How To Land A Software Engineering Job

You’ve been looking for a job and you know the industry well, but when it comes to software engineering or working as an engineer in general? Not so much. If this sounds remotely familiar then read on because today’s post is going to teach you how to land a software engineering job

Decide What Type Of Programmer You Want To Start As

You’ve decided to take the plunge into software engineering, but did you know there are many different kinds of developers? Jobs in programming run everywhere, from front-end engineering, back-end coding to testing automation!

As a new engineer, it’s important to think about the types of work that you want. You should be able to try out different roles and responsibilities while still being assigned clear tasks at your company, so there are no surprises on project deadlines or deliverables. 

Learn About The Basics Of Software Development

The art of computer programming is difficult to master, but luckily there are plenty of resources out on the internet for you to get started. I recommend brushing up on your knowledge with classes and reading as much material relating to this field before sending resumes in order to make yourself stand apart from other candidates!

Build Build And Build

It is important to have a project and not be afraid of trying new things because you never know what might work. Personally, the best way was when I tried building my own portfolio website using React, which helped teach myself key skills like design patterns while also giving feedback on an application’s functionality.

Apply For Different Jobs

Software developer job openings are constantly being posted. The demand for software developers has never been higher, and that’s likely to continue in the future, too. There is an endless supply of jobs, meaning you can find one which suits your skillset or location perfectly without having any trouble looking around at all the different opportunities out there on sites like Upwork.

Take Every Interview As Your Learning Experience

You’ll start to land interviews comprised of multiple stages that will vary slightly by the company but typically look something like this:

  1. An initial interview with a hiring manager or recruiter or hiring manager who is usually less technical 
  2. A more technical second interview, where they’ll get to know your current skill set. This could include code challenges in meetings between team members and leaders for final approval before accepting an offer!

Take all the interviews as your part of learning. Never mind if you fail your interview because you may fail it but actually it will make you learn and help you get polished for your future interview.

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Clarence McDaniels
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