How To Get A Job In Software Development

How To Get A Job In Software Development

A recruiter looks for someone to build code, test, and deploy it while understanding the software development life cycle. The strongest candidates are full-stack engineers, but this isn’t necessary for every role.

In-depth interviews with hiring managers revealed that the most sought-after skills and attributes companies look for are: problem-solving, teamwork, communication.

Learn the Technical Skills for Getting the Job Of Software Developer

Software development is a field that requires you to be well versed in many different types of technologies. It’s important for new grads without prior software experience must learn how the production environment works and write high-quality code quickly if they are looking for full-time roles after their internship ends.

Being a Software Developer, Understand the Hiring Process

The basic hiring process consists of the following:

  • A resume screen 
  • A phone interview that assesses culture fit, not technical ability. |
  • Technical interviews can include quiz-style questions/questions about prior work experiences and processes. Also, a remote coding task is given to see how they code under pressure or in an environment where their computer may fail them before being hired onsite for further testing, including whiteboard sessions.

Differentiate Yourself as a Creative Candidate for Software Developer

To be the strongest candidate for a job, you should show an active presence on GitHub, submit regular contributions to open source projects, participate in hackathons and take online courses. You can also share select passion projects with potential employers that will give them further insight into your skillsets. If you run coding blogs or provide advice on Reddit’s r/learnprogramming, this shows your voracious appetite for self-improvement and immersing yourself within the programming community.

Be Strong in the Areas Where other Software Developer Candidates Fall Short.

In the application/on their resume:

  • Candidates list programming languages or technologies on their CV without explaining that how they have used them.
  • Some basic mistakes, including miscategorizing a programming language as a markup language
  • Lack of support engineering skills 
  • Overemphasis on just 1 or 2 languages. Candidates must show that they can pick new tools efficiently, even if they don’t need to be an expert in any.
  • Their resume is homogenous to other new grads. Most candidates do not play up their interests outside of engineering, and they lack work experience, most junior developer CVs look very similar. 

Written by Jorge Lee

Given his background in writing research papers for a tech company, Jorge made it easy to become an editor for Free BSD Made Easy.

Jorge Lee
Given his background in writing research papers for a tech company, Jorge made it easy to become an editor for Free BSD Made Easy.