Wireless Technology For Small Business

Wireless Technology For Small Business

The latest wireless technologies are constantly evolving to better suit the ever-changing needs of businesses. To help you keep up, here are the best wireless technology for small business.


A new wi-fi protocol is coming later this year and will be ten times faster than current speeds. Known by the technical spec 802.11ad, it connects at theoretical speeds of 10Gbps using the 60GHz radio band for a very short range but with near-instant data transfer rates to your device!

Today, the latest 802.11ac spec connects at almost up to 1Gbps using a 40GHz radio band. In a corporate setting, one early application is monitoring a building with HD cameras sending their signal over wi-fi instead of the wired connection, according to Nick Ilyadis, who serves as CTO for Broadcom’s Wireless Chipmaking Division.

Bluetooth Smart

This short-range wireless tech has advantages over existing Bluetooth: While both connect, the new technology is not constantly sending out a signal and uses less power. According to an official working group at SIG (Bluetooth Special Interest Group), businesses will start using this newer Bluetooth signaling for authentication in 2018 and collaboration by sharing documents via syncing devices.

Apple iBeacon

The idea of iBeacons relies on Apple technology to transmit a signal that an iPhone or iPad can pick up. The concept is retail-oriented, but the keyword is “smart.” As you walk near a store shelf, your phone will connect over short-range and, in return, receive discounts or product information, according to Erick Schonfeld, producer for DEMO conferences for emerging tech.

Cisco Intelligent Proximity

This is a revolutionary new wireless tech that will soon be available for beta. It’s targeted towards those who work in high-definition video conferencing using Cisco Systems telepresence gear. It automatically connects your iOS or Android device when you walk into the room. You can then use this service to grab presentations during an HD videoconference with other professionals by activating Intelligent Proximity Content Sharing on these systems like the Cisco MX200 and MX300. 

Wireless in the Car

Get ready for the rise of wireless streaming in cars. Starting this summer, you’ll be able to tap into fast wireless data access over 4G LTE that lets you listen to the news and see high-quality photos as well without connection hiccups on an Audi A3 or Chevy Impala. The new innovations in these vehicles allow up to seven people at once around the car’s “roving hotspot.”


What are examples of wireless technology?

Some of these terms could be familiar to you: radio and television broadcasting, radar communication, cellular communication, WiFi-Bluetooth-GPS.

How is wireless technology a business advantage?

Wireless technology is a game-changer for businesses, as it helps to improve efficiency and speed up both working communications. This makes wireless internet an invaluable asset that improves customer satisfaction while also helping the business generate more profits.

What is wireless technology called?

Wi-fi technology allows tablets, video game consoles, printers, and smartphones to communicate with the internet. Medical devices also use wi-fi, as do laptops and digital audio players, which emerged in the 1990s from combining ‘Wireless’ plus ‘Fi,’ an arbitrary second element after Hi-Fi.

Which is the most commonly used network card?

The broadly used network connection for personal computers is an Ethernet connection. These connections use a type of cable called Cat 5 or Cat 6 to transmit data at very fast speeds and are the backbone of any modern computer setup.

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