Best Human Resources Software for Small Business

Best Human Resources Software Small Business

Human resources software for small businesses is a great choice. It can be applied to any number of tasks, from performance management tools to application tracking. Check out this list of the best HR solutions if you’re interested in getting started today! You can also read about the most popular HR software for businesses in 2021.


With Zenefits, you can manage all of your HR needs from a single cloud-based solution. You start by creating an employee directory to keep track of everyone in the company and then select one or more benefits for them from healthcare plans that cover both traditional employees and contractors and commuter perks, so they’re never late again. After selecting, these deductions will be taken out automatically, so there’s no need for payroll managers!


Namely is an HR solution with built-in compliance features. It starts by creating an HR database and then records time, attendance, engagement for each employee and provides analytics to find areas of improvement that you can take into consideration. Namely also has the option of being controlled through any device, so it’s easy enough no matter what form factor your company prefers!

Namely is a complete HR solution for mid-sized businesses. The base plan, called Namely Fundamentals, has payroll and benefits and advanced services to choose from. Prices are custom fit so that they won’t be found by the public just yet!


With a variety of options to choose from, it can be hard to know which solution is best for your company. UKG HR solutions are completely customizable, and they work with large companies that need help managing their global workforce. They also offer specific industry solutions like healthcare or financial services where the needs of employees in those fields vary widely.

With UKG, every project is unique, and the final price varies. Reach out to learn more about how they can create a solution that’s right for your team! They also offer free demos, which give you an opportunity to see all of their products in action before signing up.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors has been a leader in the HR software world for years. This company offers robust options to make sure that all of your needs are met! SAP SuccessFactors Employee Experience Management collects feedback from employees, Core HR and Payroll offer time tracking and benefits management tools, while Talent Management provides recruiting & onboarding solutions.

SAP SuccessFactors is committed to each customer’s specific needs. That means there are various pricing options available, including cloud or on-premises solutions and free demos that make it easy for you to find the HR solution that suits your organization best.

Cezanne HR

The Cezanne HR software is the perfect tool for any mid-sized company looking to streamline everything from recruitment, training, and payroll. The streamlined interface helps save time by making workflows customizable. You can also set up reports and notifications so that you’re always kept in the know with all your employee data!

Subscription fees are collected monthly and calculated based on features, number of employees, or both. You can request personalized quotes when you need something special for your business at any time as well!

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