What Is Quality Assurance in Software Testing?

What Is Quality Assurance in Software Testing?

Quality Assurance (QA) Testing is a process of ensuring that the product or service meets all the requirements and specifications before it’s released. It ensures that your product works as expected and doesn’t have bugs or defects. QA testing helps organizations deliver high-quality products to their customers, which results in increased customer satisfaction.

QA testing ensures that your product is of the highest possible quality for your customers. It’s simply the techniques used to prevent issues with your software product or service and ensure a great user experience for your customers.

Quality assurance (QA) will help you eliminate bugs before they reach production, so there are no interruptions during business hours. You can also use this process as an opportunity to build trust with clients by offering them early access to new features and products before anyone else gets their hands on them. 

Role of QA in Software Testing

The QA analyzes and executes the products in all possible logical ways for a quality product, even if it doesn’t seem like something they would be doing. They have an intent to find whether or not developed software is defect-free before anything else happens so you can rest assured your project will run smoothly.

QA Process

The process of QA begins with the idea that products should be tested in different ways by various types and levels of users. This ensures a high-quality experience for end-users no matter what situation they find themselves within; therefore it’s essential to perform thorough testing before releasing any software or product on the marketplace.

The first step is generating requirements that help capture all necessary information about how something will work including desired outcomes & limitations (design decisions). After this stage comes planning estimations, a set number assigned specifically for each sprint dedicated exclusively towards improving test coverage during development at a given rate* 

Once the sprints are defined, then the QA follows steps such as developing plan documentation outlining expected tasks required throughout the day.

QA is essential for any product or software success as it allows testing before the end product is launched. This allows the company to care for any bugs or errors that might have affected the end product.

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Jorge Lee
Given his background in writing research papers for a tech company, Jorge made it easy to become an editor for Free BSD Made Easy.