What Is Verification And Validation In Software Testing?

What Is Verification And Validation In Software Testing?

Software testing is the process of executing a program or system with the intent of finding errors. Software testing can be done manually, but it’s usually automated and integrated into the software development life cycle. 

It happens at all levels, from unit tests to integration tests to system tests. Verification and validation are the two main processes of software testing. It’s important to understand that they are not interchangeable but rather complementary concepts.


Verification is a process that ensures the software product meets its requirements. Verification is an important part of software testing. It ensures that your product works as it should and helps you find bugs before they reach customers. 

This means less time fixing problems and more time developing new features for your users. You can get started with verification by using test cases, test plans, and test scripts to check if everything works properly in a controlled environment.

Benefits of Verification

It’s important to verify your software because it helps you avoid costly mistakes and time-consuming rework. You can also use verification to ensure that your product works as expected, which will help you build trust with customers and increase revenue.


Validation is a process of checking whether the product meets customer requirements and specifications. It’s an essential part of any software testing that ensures quality assurance. Validation means less time fixing problems and more time developing new features for your users.

This process helps to avoid future problems with your product, which can cause you to lose customers or even incur legal issues. There are many different types of validation, including functional, non-functional, internal and external. 

Benefits of Validation

By validating your product, you can ensure that it is working as expected before releasing it into production. This means fewer bugs and problems for users, which leads to higher customer satisfaction rates and happier customers overall. 

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