Free Computer Asset Management Software

Free Computer Asset Management Software

Asset tracking is one of the most important tasks for a company, regardless of its size or the sector it belongs to. Traditionally, ledgers or excel sheets were used by the companies to manage the assets. But today computer asset management software has replaced the traditional methods. Let’s take a look at some of the computer asset management software:


AssetTiger is here to help you keep your assets in check with features that track their status. They tell when they’re due for preventive maintenance or replacement, and generate reports on license expirations, so there are no surprises on renewal time.

With this tool, you can access unlimited users and give them the rights they need. You can also set up alerts for details like asset price or model name to be sent straight to your inbox – but that’s not all! The app features dedicated iOS and Android apps, so you can take pictures of assets with a mobile device too.


Reftab is software that helps you easily manage assets, licenses, and accessories. You can add tags to your items with the easy-to-use mobile app or QR codes which makes it easier for any company, from small start-up companies all the way through large corporations. It also has an inventory function without barcodes that track 50 items free-forever, including email alerts, reporting capabilities, and much more, making asset tracking simple yet accurate too!


ResourceSpace is the best free and open-source digital asset management software. It provides 10GBs of space with unlimited users, allowing you to manage your assets quickly without any investment! You can customize its functionality through plugins or by editing in-built functions as well.

Fishbowl Warehouse

Fishbowl Warehouse is a versatile asset tracking solution for small and middle-sized companies. It can track the assets located in multiple warehouses, using various criteria with ease thanks to barcodes that facilitate easy tracking of the location of an item and simplifying storage, shipping procedures. With support for multiple currencies, its accurate accounting makes tax records effortless as well!

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