What Is Defect In Software Testing

What Is Defect In Software Testing

A defect is a bug or error or bug in the application that can be created by the programmer’s mistake during its design and building. These flaws mean there are flaws with software; these are called ‘defects.’

Any deviation from the specification mentioned in a product’s functional specification document is considered to be a defect. In different organizations, this can mean something as straightforward as “bug,” or it might also contain more complex language like ‘incidents.’

Bugs and defects are a result of errors in logic or coding. These bugs can range from being unexpected to unanticipated, depending on their severity, but they all have one thing in common: they don’t work as expected when you use them!

Additional Information about Defects

Bug Reports are an important part of the development process because they allow developers and testers alike to work toward eliminating bugs. It’s important for tester’s accuracy in their testing efforts, but also necessary so that all areas can be addressed as soon as possible if needed!

This Defect report or Bug report consists of the following information:

  • Defect ID – Every bug or defect has a Unique Identification Number.
  • Defect Description – This includes the abstract of the issue.
  • Product Version – This includes the defective product version of the application.
  • Detail Steps – It includes the steps of the issue along with the screenshots attached so that developers can easily recreate it.
  • Date Raised – It includes the Date when the bug is reported.
  • Reported By – It includes the details of the tester who reported the bug.
  • Status – This field includes the Status of the defect like Assigned, New, Open, Verification, Reset, Closed, Failed, Deferred, etc.
  • Fixed by – This field includes the developer’s details who fixed it, like Name and ID.
  • Date Closed – This includes the bug’s closing date.
  • Severity – Based on the severity, it will tell us the impact of the defect in the software application
  • Priority – Based on the Priority set, the order of fixing the defect can be made. 

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