What Is Stress Testing In Software Testing

Stress Testing is a type of software testing that verifies stability & reliability under extreme conditions. Its goal is to measure the robustness and error handling capabilities for an application with a heavy load, ensuring that it doesn’t crash when put through a crunch situation.

It’s important to stress-test your system periodically in order for you to know how well it can withstand extreme conditions. A common use of this technique is determining when the software or hardware will break under pressure, but other things might happen too! It also checks whether an error management strategy has effectively handled errors during testing periods where things go wrong.

Goals of Stress Testing

The goal of stress testing is to ensure that a system will be able to display an appropriate error message under extreme conditions. Stress tests are essential for identifying potential problems before they cause major issues with your application’s functionality, stability, and security.

Stress testing is used to make sure that the system recovers after failure. For this reason, data sets should never be lost during Stress Testing since it will affect your ability for a successful recovery and can lead to vulnerabilities in security measures put in place by testers beforehand.

Types of Stress Testing

Server-client Stress Testing

Testing is performed across all clients from the server.

Product Stress Testing

A product’s stress testing concentrates on discovering defects in the software related to data locking and blocking, network issues, and performance congestion.

Transaction Stress Testing

Transaction stress testing is carried out on one or even more than one transaction between several applications. It is carried out for optimizing and fine-tuning the system.

Systematic Stress Testing

A systematic stress test is an integrated suite of software tests that are designed to run across multiple systems on the same server. These suites can help you find defects in any one application data blocks another application, giving them more time before it affects system stability or availability for customers.”

Analytical Stress Testing

Analytical stress testing is used to check your system for any defects in unusual circumstances. 

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