Advantages of Using Email in Business Communication

Advantages of Using Email in Business Communication
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Saying that email is one of the most—if not the most—important communication tool in business is a huge understatement. It’s cost-effective, it can keep track of all incoming and outgoing messages well, and it’s a valuable marketing instrument. Having a professional email also further legitimizes a business in such a way that it serves as a calling card when pursuing or reaching out to potential customers.

Aside from all the accepted international norms, taking advantage of the simple wonders of email often involves benefits that go beyond the four corners of a typical office. With that, we’ve compiled three more reasons why email is—and will always be—the gold standard in business communication.

1. Targets the Right Audience

Considering the constant development of different communication channels, both businesses and clients tend to go through what some call information and message overload. PPC Genius founder Stewart Dunlop shares how it’s become harder to connect relevant knowledge to the right people. For this reason, it’s imperative to write a short yet precise email. Whether for external or for internal communication, a well-written message can assure that proper information is read and understood by the desired audience. In other words, emails give off a more personal feel.

2. Opens the Possibility for Automation

Technology has been flexing its muscles for quite some time now and has brought about the idea and implementation of automation tools. A lot of companies have gone this route to further enhance the efficiency of their operations—a significant part of this encompasses business communication. Vlad Seman of Blocshop mentions that there are several ways to automate business emails thanks to customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This pre-set method of messaging not only creates a more proficient workflow, but also addresses more specific needs like targeted sales offers, event updates, and the like.

3. Increases Productivity

As mentioned earlier, email CRMs are heaven-sent. Now add that to the utility of daily apps like Calendar and Google Meet, and companies have a well-oiled machine that increases productivity in a lot of ways. According to Greenice’s Kateryna Reshelito, email plays nicely with other important tools like these aforementioned apps. In addition, it’s easier to organize correspondence, as well as record and find an entire conversation with a person or persons whenever needed. Furthermore, email can be treated as an asynchronous means of communication—compared to phone calls and instant messaging—since employees don’t have to reply instantly when they’re busy with other tasks, thus increasing productivity.

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