What Is The Best CRM Software For Small Businesses?

What Is The Best CRM Software For Small Businesses

Choosing the best CRM software(opens in a new tab) for your business can be daunting, especially if your company is small or new.

Understanding why you need a CRM in the first place is the first step for any small business owner. Then, once you’ve determined that a CRM is beneficial to your company model, you should focus on locating a solution that is the best in terms of usability, affordability, and critical features, i.e. functionality that will help your specific business kind, business goals, and industry.

CRM (customer relationship management) software typically includes a variety of features and tools, but its ultimate goal is to streamline business processes and enhance customer service.

Although organizations have varying needs, the best CRMs for small enterprises should aid in managing the present and prospective clients and facilitate genuine expansion.

In our opinion, this article will showcase the top five CRM options for small businesses.

The Best CRMs For Small Business

  1.  Salesforce, the best customer relationship management system for new businesses:

Salesforce is the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) software on the market, and for good reason: the company offers a complete set of customer relationship management tools, in addition to excellent integration and unrivaled customization, making it an excellent choice for ambitious new businesses that want to expand rapidly.

  1.  Freshsales offers a variety of purchase alternatives for companies of various sizes

Exclusive reader deal – $15 per user/mo: Freshsales provides a wide variety of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to enterprises, but in particular to small businesses. These include sales, marketing, and a customer helpdesk; additionally, the business utilizes AI to assist with organization and lead scoring in order to improve efficiency. In addition to this, it possesses excellent sales features, is user-friendly, and possesses an intuitive UI.

  1.  Zoho CRM is perfect for newly established small enterprises.

Zoho CRM is a robust cloud-based software that comes with outstanding capabilities for customer management and lead generation and makes no concessions when it comes to capability. Search capabilities on social media platforms, workflow automation, reporting tools, and other features, together with seamless integration with other Zoho applications, make Zoho’s free plan one of the best values available.

  1.  HubSpot Is the Best Option If You Want a Free Plan

HubSpot is an excellent customer relationship management solution for companies that are just getting started. You may start out completely free of charge with a version of the CRM software that is both simple and powerful, despite the fact that there are various expensive options available.

Users of the free version of HubSpot CRM have access to highly capable client database software, which can assist in the management and maintenance of new leads. This software also includes dashboard reporting, company insights, deal tracking, and pipeline management, all of which are presented in a straightforward manner by means of a user-friendly interface.

  1.  Streak CRM for Google Mail (free): Best for existing Gmail and Google Workspace users

Streak is the simplest customer relationship management system (CRM) to implement into the day-to-day operations of your small business if you already use Gmail and Google Workspace. Because it is an integral part of Gmail, you can conduct business without ever leaving your inbox. Additionally, it is integrated with other Google Workspace applications, such as Sheets, Docs, Drive, and Chat, which makes it easier to organize and locate all of your data.

Tracking client emails, managing contacts, keeping an eye on leads, and staying on top of your sales funnel are all made possible by Streak CRM. Among other things, you may simply import or export data, construct individualized pipelines, capture leads directly from your contacts, track and share interactions with clients, easily import or export data, and set tasks and reminders.

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