What Is the Best Free Payroll Software for Small Business

What Is the Best Free Payroll Software for Small Business

According to the IBM Systems Journal, the security and dependability of proprietary and free software are about the same. This proves that picking a free program over a paid one doesn’t always imply sacrificing quality.

Payroll is no different from other solutions in that this is true. One of the essential operations of every organization, payroll, is extremely expensive. Therefore, whether you’re a startup or a free payroll processor might be a great weight off your shoulders. You must rely on less expensive options during this vital period so that you can concentrate on turning a profit to support the expansion of your company. The following free payroll software options can help with this.


A cloud-based payroll and HR management solution is SumoPayroll. With support for attendance and personnel information management, performance reviews, and other accounting duties connected to HR, it is intended to automate and simplify payroll calculations in as few clicks as possible.

You can develop a custom payroll model with your company’s unique needs in mind using the software, which supports basic payroll models based on current rates and internal standards. In addition to this, staff members can submit administrative requests using a self-service portal, which supervisors can read, approve, and change online without opening any additional applications.

A user-friendly payroll solution for startups is SumoPayroll. A totally free plan is available for businesses with up to 10 employees. This plan has no restrictions or expiration and includes all the capabilities of the software.


Centralized employee information: Managers and employees alike can access their data on the SumoPayroll portal, which combines all employee information. For convenience, reports on performance, billable hours, and attendance are also included.

Custom payroll computations: Standard payroll models that abide by current tax regulations and company policies are supported by SumoPayroll. On the other hand, you can design a unique payroll model depending on the unique needs of your business.

Employee self-service portal: Paper filing cabinets are a thing of the past. To request leaves of absence, tax statements, address changes, and other administrative tasks, any employee can utilize a self-service portal.

Honorary Mentions

Following are some free software that we think is worth mentioning:


While Capshare isn’t quite payroll software in the traditional sense, it does let shareholders manage and examine stock and equity dividend income. This is especially helpful for startups since they may use equity pay to hire important personnel. Such employees and managers now have a mechanism, according to Capshare, to compile all the information about their equity and display it on a single, straightforward platform.

Capshare, which is properly categorized as cap table management software, enables customers to view the information they require regarding the health of their stocks. Employees can have specific access levels and permissions specified by managers. Additionally, Capshare enables businesses to issue shares, speed up calculations, enable shareholder interaction, and adhere to all IRS equity laws.

There is a totally free plan for Capshare. Startups will find this appealing because the software provides basic functions for free for up to 20 shareholders.


Microkeeper is a payroll program with a built-in time tracking feature that can be adapted to the needs of any industry. Although it was also made to take into account the regulations of other nations and areas, this program was created exclusively to cater to Australian markets.

Employees can effortlessly clock in and out and let the program compute their billable hours and labor because it is an all-in-one payroll solution that integrates accounting features with time tracking software. Administrators can view the performance of their staff and approve requests for leaves and other things. By automatically creating pay statements based on work hours completed, breaks, allowances, overtime, absences, and leaves, it streamlines timesheets and payroll procedures.

Microkeeper has a completely free plan for one user. The majority of the Standard plan’s features are included, along with unlimited use.


With its extreme customizability, NolaPro’s payroll platform helps streamline your payout processes in the cloud. NolaPro is built in such a way that it expands to meet the needs of the business that uses it. Whether you’re an employee or a manager, it is completely safe and transparent to all users.

The fundamental benefit of NolaPro is that virtually every aspect of it can be customized. You may use this software to operate your business the way you run your business, thanks to over a hundred add-ons and numerous connectors. And that’s not the end of it. You can ask the vendor to customize your copy for you if you need additional controls or capabilities that are specific to your industry and that the software does not currently provide. Too little? Consider modifying their source code to create scalable, customized payroll software that is created just for you.

NolaPro offers a Desktop beginning package that is free for one user. It has every payroll function a small firm needs to get off the ground, including support for different languages.

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