Top 5 Logistics Apps for Small Business Owners

Top 5 Logistics Apps for Small Business Owners

Embarking on your business venture is no small feat, no matter how small the business. You need all the planning and tools you can get to ensure your smooth journey and minimize the problems that can arise. There is a lot of help out there, we just need to know where to find it. To keep up in the digital world there are numerous options for applications that can help small businesses manage the various components of their business. So let’s see what experts recommend as the best logistic software for small businesses.

So, how do you decide the best logistics app for your business?

“In my experience, the primary feature that a Logistics app must contain is perfect synchronization with the upstream and downstream activities as soon as the product/service moves out of its production facility, the next stop should be ready to receive it. There should be no lag as it causes time and economic loss. Further, it should have tracking features that keep one noted as soon as the product moves from one location to another. An estimated time interval that the product spends at each location, along with alerts for delay or early departure should also be provided.”
Sara Cemin, CEO at Realia Project


“Shipping easy is made with small e-commerce shops as the target users. IAs an e-commerce shop owner, I would recommend it because it offers a horde of automation features and a backend that can be tweaked to fit your business model. More importantly, ShippingEasy can also be integrated with selling platforms like Amazon and eBay. This is an important consideration if you’re in the drop shipping industry. It also has the best rates in the industry, and by far!”
Alina Clark, Co-Founder & Marketing Director, CocoDoc


“Track-POD is a great logistic app for small business owners. It is a service management software solution that connects dispatchers, vehicle fleets, and drivers for delivery businesses of all sizes. Track-POD is a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) and route optimization platform that automates operations and improves performance. It is backed by an iOS and Android app. A real-time web interface gives dispatchers a centralized UI for accessing delivery control and scheduling, as well as optimizing fleet loads and journey routes through several drops. The app provides updates on the current position while automatically sending branded SMS alerts to customers detailing delivery ETAs, etc., with vehicle tracking and driver monitoring plotted via map display. Connectivity to a companion app for iOS and Android devices aids driver contact and proof of Delivery.”
Chris Nutbeen, Founder & CEO of Nuttifox

“Track-POD is a cloud-based logistics management software that helps you boost your productivity by integrating and streamlining all logistics processes into a single solution that saves time and money. From fleet management to POD routes, shipping labels to barcode scanning, the device allows you to optimize your distribution operations. With our all-in-one framework, you can take your logistics efficiency to the next stage.”
Jennifer Foster, Managing Editor and Life/Relationship Coach, Authority Astrology

Transportation Management Software

“Transportation management software (TMS) is a must-have solution for any logistics business that provides delivery services. Basically, it’s a workflow platform that helps with the management of the company’s transportation fleets. Transportation management software may be a standalone system or a component of a multi-functional solution like ERP or a supply chain management system. The main goal of any TMS is to improve the efficiency of the shipping process and, as a result, lower costs and better serve customers.”
Daniel Foley, CMO at Scooter Guide

OmniFocus–Application for Task Management

“A handy task management system that has been updated to the third version, upgraded its key features to boost the app’s usability and included a new interface and feature set. This application enables the company to significantly increase its efficiency. This task management software is particularly useful for complex tasks that need a rigid framework, as it enables you to follow projects from start to finish. This application is compatible with Mac, iPad, and iPhone.”
Mike Chappell, Founder, Formspal


“Making sure you get the logistics of your business right is one of the first and most important aspects of any business. Running a business, no matter what its size can feel daunting because of the innumerable intricacies involved in its making. Evernote is not the regular logistics app. It wasn’t designed for inventory management but it sure is extremely good for it! It is one of the best apps that allows you to organize and store important files and documents, images, and notes. The app also allows you to record voice memos for important instances or when you are away from your device and don’t feel like typing. I would recommend it to anyone that has multiple documents and files to deal with or someone in the supply chain management field.”
Brett Downes, Creative Director/Founder, Haro Helpers


The logistics industry is the link between the shoppers and the sellers that connects them. To best aid in this connection and management, the software market is not in any short supply for logistics apps. Which app is the best really depends on you and your business needs.

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