Freelance Designer or a Web Design Company: Which should you choose?

Freelance Designer or a Web Design Company: Which should you choose?

Choosing the solution for building your website is an important decision. Companies usually go for freelance web designers or web agencies. Either option can provide quality web design, but determining the right one for your business can be challenging. In further text, our web design agency in Evanston will evaluate the positive and negative aspects of both. It can help you decide which one of these two options is more suitable to accomplish your needs. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelance Designers


  • A major reason for hiring a freelancer is the cost. Clearly, the cost of the individual designer over the team is less expensive. Also, they don’t have the outgoings that affect the price, such as office rent and maintenance. 
  • When hiring a single expert you can detail every specificity
  • Individual can dedicate herself to the project more than an agency team, devoting all time to the specific plot and having a hands-on approach. Also, a personal approach to the project and commitment can affect the timeline in a way to make work done faster. 
  • It’s expectable that there will be some parts of the website design that may be unfulfilled, or need minor editing or addition, with freelancers this can be managed and tailored until it completely satisfies your requirements. This way, you can be more involved in the whole creative process.
  • A freelancer’s reputation depends on customers’ reviews. They will make an extra effort to have satisfied customer that will give them a good referral.
  •  Communication with a one-person designer is easier and faster than with the agency team. Your experience with a freelancer is usually one-to-one which is more personal and convenient.


  • When choosing freelancers the biggest risk is accountability. You must rely on reviews that may not have credibility and references cannot be verified.
  • As freelancers work alone on projects, you are completely dependent on one person. If the person becomes irresponsible or unavailable, you will be forced to seek other solutions or have to start from the beginning.
  • Often, freelancers have experience with a single skill set. That may be a lack of knowledge about some aspects of web design. It’s questionable if one person can finish your site all by herself since constructing a website requires different expertises. Because of that, it can potentially happen that you will need to engage several freelancers with various competencies in the project at once.
  • If you have multiple independent freelances working on your website, it can be hard to coordinate between them. Involving numerous specialists for different site needs (graphic designer, UX designer, copywriter, developer, programmer) can be challenging to coordinate. Especially if they don’t collaborate and you may have to find a replacement. Situations like that will take you more time and money.
  • Freelancers can have more than one client and multiple projects at the same time. Consequently, he will be overloaded with work and too busy to respond quickly to your demands. Also, they might be more dedicated to regular clients or others depending on the amount they paid. The problem with the freelancers may also arise in the case of delay, missing a deadline, or delivering work that is below your standards, especially if your project is a large one.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Web Design Agency


  • You are a whole team of different experts to work on your website. Companies employ specialists for all needed mastery in web design. Usually, they all have many years of experience.

 Each of them contributes with demanded skills, so every element of your site will outcome in high standards. All parts will combine collectively into a great final product.

  • The efficiency of web companies is the result of investing in new technology, design materials, and software, as they have a higher budget than freelancers. 
  • Agencies have more experience than freelancers, predominantly regarding large projects.
  • Web companies’ credibility is justified through work with well-known brands.
  • Agencies are preferred options especially if your site requires advanced secured functionality such as shopping chart and password options.
  • With a web company, you will have a technical support team with sites’ further requirements and fixes.


  • Aspectibly, agencies are more expensive. They are paying specialists but also there are other costs such is office place. 
  • So basically, you are paying a team of professionals, agencies` experience, and reputation.
  • You may find that some agencies don’t have transparency in the direction of charging their services. The lack of fixed price and extra fees is a big con.
  • Unlike freelancers, with the agency, you might have to communicate with multiple team members, as every stage of constructing a website is set up by a different person.
  • Like freelancers, agencies work with many clients at the same time, so your website might not be the priority. 

Final Thoughts

As we compared prons and cons of both freelancers and agencies, it’s on you to determine the role and importance of your eCommerce website in marketing and the online industry. Depending on the size of your business, standard, and competition you can choose the right solution for website establishment. If your business is small and in the beginning, with a small budget, freelancers can be a good choice. But, if you are looking for a superior website, a web company is a better alternative for your investment.

Written by Clarence McDaniels

Clarence is the Editor-in-Chief for Free BSD Made Easy focusing on the production and quality of the contents.

Clarence McDaniels
Clarence is the Editor-in-Chief for Free BSD Made Easy focusing on the production and quality of the contents.