What Are The Best Business Plan Softwares?

What Are The Best Business Plan Softwares

One of the first things you should do when beginning a business is to create a solid business plan. A thorough description of your goods or services, your pricing strategy, at least three years’ worth of financial predictions and much more will all be included in your business plan. Therefore, you might want to seek assistance from business plan software if you’re unsure of where to begin or just want to simplify the process.

To help you choose the ideal option for your small business, we’ll analyze five of the top business plan software solutions in this article, including their advantages, disadvantages, features, cost, and more.

The Top 5 Business Plan Software

Writing your business plan can be a lot easier with the correct business plan software. But there are several other business plan software options available, each with its own set of features, user interface, and cost. This is true of many company software solutions as well.

In light of this, you might examine the top five choices listed below if you’re searching for a location to start your search for the finest business plan software:

1. LivePlan

The best business plan software overall is LivePlan.

LivePlan can be the best option for you if you want business plan software with a contemporary style and a wealth of templates. LivePlan succeeds with its user interface, which offers clear, simple-to-use tools and settings and feels modern and polished.

Their step-by-step guide will assist you in getting started right away, and you can benefit from their online learning center to keep developing your business abilities.


  • Low-cost plans with a pay-as-you-go option
  • No cancellation fees or long-term commitments; Guaranteed money-back for 60 days
  • Cloud-based, contemporary, user-friendly UI that is accessible on tablets, Macs, and PCs
  • Unlimited plan creation with a single account; more than 500 customizable templates
  • A variety of tools for company owners, such as video lessons, detailed instructions, and general customer assistance


  • Fewer choices for integration
  • Entering your own financial modeling forecasts is difficult.
  • It might be challenging to learn


  • An infinite number of business plans can be created on a single account
  • More than 500 sample business plans from different sectors.
  • Xero and QuickBooks Online integration
  • Financial data tracking in real-time with accounting integrations
  • Word or PDF export feature for your business plan
  • Expert counsel and detailed instructions are provided.
  • Dashboards for measuring performance in relation to budgets and sales targets
  • The capability of producing and exporting a one-page pitch executive summary


  • $15 per month, payable every 12 months, for an annual plan.
  • Plan for six months: $18 per month, paid every six months
  • Pay-as-you-go strategy: $20 paid monthly, once a month

2. GoSmallBiz

The best platform for different company management tools.

GoSmallBiz, which provides much more than simply business plan software, is the next option on our list of top choices. You may get business continuity planning software with GoSmallBiz, which includes tools for developing a strategy, navigating business and legal procedures, designing a website, and more.

GoSmallBiz is excellent for startups or other smaller enterprises wishing to access a variety of company management solutions through a single platform in this way.


  • Unlimited business advice and a large collection of web resources
  • one business tool in a software package
  • Analysis of website consultations and company evaluation
  • Industry-specific sample business plans with a focus on financial statements and predictions


  • A monthly cost that is high compared to alternatives
  • Few characteristics of a business plan
  • Only Microsoft Word may be used to export the whole business plan.
  • Ineffective interface


  • Step-by-step creation wizard and templates for business plans relevant to industries
  • The capacity to prepare predictions and financial statements
  • A free website builder and hosting service
  • Customer relationship management software with MailChimp integration
  • Google Analytics and social media integrations in the dashboard for digital marketing
  • Create documents for HR
  • Writer of corporate minutes
  • Library of business papers
  • Library of business courses
  • A never-ending business consultation


  • No commitments
  • The monthly cost of $39
  • Free cancellation

3. Enloop

Best for creating a business plan quickly and simply.

Enloop is one of your best alternatives if you’re searching for free business plan software; they provide a complete, seven-day free trial that doesn’t require a credit card. Enloop is also exclusively focused on business plan generation, unlike some of the other alternatives on our list, and has automatic text authoring, financial prediction comparisons, and a real-time performance score that monitors your progress.

Having said that, Enloop will be a platform worth considering if you’d want the most direct, quick, and easy manner to build your business plan.


  • Straightforward software that is just intended for use in creating company plans
  • 7-day risk-free trial
  • The ability to generate text automatically can speed up writing
  • Plans that are inexpensive and provide annual discounts


  • Fewer available instructional resources overall
  • Just one template choice
  • No possibilities for integration 
  • The ability to construct three business plans with text, photos, tables, charts, and more than 100 different money symbols and formats that are all adjustable.
  • Includes automatically generated text for each component of the plan, which you can then modify.
  • Fabricated financial statements automatically
  • Includes a comparison of financial performance analysis (using three ratios with the Detailed plan and 16 with the Performance plan)
  • Real-time performance evaluation to monitor your development
  • The power to invite users to edit (two with Detailed plan, five with Performance plan)
  • A certificate or a report to assist you in finding problems with your strategy.


  • Free trial for seven days without requiring a credit card
  • Plan specifics: $19.95 monthly or $11 monthly, paid yearly
  • Performance target: $39.95 monthly or $24 monthly paid yearly

4. Bizplan 

Best for businesses trying to locate investors or raise money. 

Bizplan, a product of Startups.com, is praised for its user interface, which is clear, simple to use, and up to date. To obtain exactly what you want out of your business plan, you’ll work using a step-by-step business plan builder. Given that it contains drag-and-drop capabilities for creating templates, it can make you think of a contemporary website builder.

Additionally, all of the resources in the Startups.com network, including as self-paced courses, how-to manuals, masterclass videos, and more, are available to you for a single monthly cost. Overall, Bizplan is a top choice for business plan software for companies trying to raise money and attract investors because of its direct relationship with Fundable.


  • You get access to all Startups.com features with a subscription
  • Optional lifetime access subscription
  • Drag-and-drop business plan creator that is user-friendly
  • Excellent resources for schooling
  • Excellent connection to Fundable for companies searching for funding


  • No risk-free sample
  • None that are industry-specific
  • No mobile access


  • Includes drag-and-drop templates for creating company plans
  • To track all corporate financials in one location, establish a financial command center.
  • Unlimited number of account partners
  • Online sharing of a business proposal with investors
  • Self-paced courses, masterclass videos, how-to manuals, and mentoring access are all available online.
  • Unrestricted usage of the Fundable, Launchrock, and Startups.com software


  • Plan for one month: $29
  • Monthly fee of $20.75, payable annually at $249
  • $349 one-time cost for lifetime access

5. PlanGuru

Best for budgeting and financial planning.

Last but not least, PlanGuru offers some of the best financial capabilities among business plan software solutions, including forecasting and budgeting. PlanGuru is devoted to corporate financial planning, including the tools you need to build budgets, financial projections, reports, and more. In contrast to the previous solutions we’ve studied, which were mostly focused on developing business plans.

Therefore, PlanGuru will undoubtedly have the most to offer if you want a software solution that can optimize the financial component of your business planning procedures.


  • Detailed forecasting, budgeting, and reporting tools, as well as a wide range of financial instruments, are positives.
  • A vast library of sources
  • Desktop and cloud-based choices
  • Fourteen-day free trial and thirty-day money-back promise


  • Expensive, particularly with more users
  • It only addresses the financial side of company planning; no templates or resources are provided for developing a simple business plan.
  • A challenge to utilize without previous financial expertise


Features include both a locally installed Windows version and a cloud-based version of the program (the desktop version has a few more features)

  • Works with Excel, Xero, and QuickBooks Online.
  • forecasting and budgeting for up to ten years.
  • More than 20 common forecasting techniques.
  • Formula creator to develop original techniques.
  • KPIs and ratios.
  • Tools for reporting and dashboards.
  • Help articles, video lessons, a knowledge base, and live customer service 


  • 14-day free trial for pricing
  • $99 per month (plus $29 per month for extra users)
  • $899 per year (plus $299 for extra users)

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