The Benefits of Using Payroll Software for Invoicing Remote Employees

The Benefits of Using Payroll Software for Invoicing Remote Employees

Every company wants that solid foundation that results in increased productivity relies on trust-building. So how can you build that confidence among your employees? Financial and Business experts weigh in to explain how you can achieve this with payroll software for invoicing. 

Eliminates Errors

“If the employer is manually monitoring employee records and making expenses, payroll systems will help you save time, resources, and headaches by reducing enforcement risks. Increase precision while lowering risk. A payroll management tool will also assist company owners in ensuring that they incur the right sum of payroll-related taxes and submit all necessary reports on time. When manually processing payroll, even a minor error, such as a multiplication or rounding error, may have major consequences. These services will take care of the tax filings and audits, as well as inform you when they’re due.”

Edward Mellett, Founder of

“Your workers deserve to be compensated accurately and on time, no matter how much they enjoy working for you. Many payroll systems have direct deposit features, which allow people to receive their salaries directly rather than having to go to the bank to deposit a check. Staff may also use self-service portals to get up-to-date information about when their money will be available. When employees have access to payroll information, you should remind them to review it on a regular basis, particularly if they move or experience other significant life changes. You don’t want to deal with checks that aren’t cashed because of inaccurate or obsolete information. Automated payroll processing often eliminates common errors that can occur when data is entered by humans. A single mistyped keystroke will cost you $100 to $1,000, and you don’t want to overpay or underpay your Workers.”

Holly Zorbas, Assistant Editor CreditDonkey


“Payroll software generally improves the quality of work, regardless of the team size. Complementing the business with tax management, compliance, reduced paperwork, cloud compatibility, improved time management, and overall productivity. All of it makes sense to use this tech as an integrated pivot to business management. Most of all, I’d say that affordable automation is the biggest segment that creates continuously growing teams, something that every business is looking for.”

Blake Bobit, Founder, Solution Scout

“The biggest benefit of using payroll software for invoicing remote employees is in the fact that you can automate the process and ensure all payments are made on time. When you’re coming into the office every day and you see your employees you’re more likely to remember them once it’s time for the paycheck. However, remote employees might be forgotten as they’re not as “in your face” as the ones you’re seeing every day. Furthermore, remote employees frequently reside in different locations – different states and continents even – and the employment laws might be different. With an automated payroll system, you can ensure your business is compliant and decrease the time tackling administrative tasks.”

Nebojsa Calic, Founder of CyberCrew

Saves Time and Money

“Our business is of a small and medium enterprise (SMEs), so our demand is simple, to record our staff payment details with security, automatically calculate pays/deductions/incentives, providing a basic report which is easy to understand. We are happy to pay a fee to the app as we believe it is much less than hiring an expert to do it for a small team. I considered Sage and Xero very popular, but finally, I chose KashFlow as it is more friendly for a small business like mine. It also offers quite generous free trials to get to know and see that it fits before we pay.” 

Ethan Taub CEO Budgetry

“I used to calculate payroll on my own using the CRA website but then realized that payroll was taking too much time out of my day. With payroll software, I can spend more time on other parts of my business. Now whenever an employee asks me about their paystub, I just remind them that they can view it online on their employee portal (their portal usually answers all of their questions).”

Eropa Stein, Founder of Hyre

Easy to Use/ Convenience

“The biggest benefit of using payroll software for invoicing remote employees is that you can easily hire remote workers from any country without worrying about breaking local tax laws and employment rules. The new international payroll applications can handle remote employee compensation, country-specific compliance, secure payments, and more for remote employers. You can pay your contractors in their preferred currency and payment method.”

Justin Nabity Founder and CEO @ Physicians Thrive

“An automated payroll system will help new employees have a better experience, which has a direct effect on HR. Self-service options allow new workers to submit required forms directly to the system, eliminating the need for HR to process them or store multiple copies. Instead, the documents are all in the system, ready to be updated if necessary and used for payroll right away. This frees up time and resources for the HR team to concentrate on the most critical aspects of onboarding, such as training.” 

Alan Harder, Mortgage Broker,


“In my experience, here’s the benefit of using payroll software for invoicing your remote employees: With payroll software, you and your remote team can enjoy timeliness and precision. The software allows companies to pay their employees on time with the right amount. It helps them to build confidence and trust between themselves and their workforce.”

Jason Brown, Founder & CEO,

When growing your business and taking on foreign skill-force remotely, you’ll want to implement the mechanisms that ensure a smooth work environment. Automated Payroll Software for Invoicing Remote Employees provides just that.

Clarence McDaniels
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