How Hard Is Software Development

How Hard Is Software Development

Software development is not everyone’s cup of tea. To become a software developer, one must obtain a relevant degree and gain sufficient experience from academic projects, internships, and initial professional employments. Aside from the required technical training, successful software developers need to cultivate multiple interpersonal and professional skills.

Managing Multiple Projects and Expectations

Developers often juggle multiple projects and tasks simultaneously. At times it can seem like everyone needs your time. You need to know where you want to spend your time to meet deadlines without sacrificing the quality of work.

It is not easy to estimate how much work a project will take. Projects often look simple on paper but fall apart during development. Quick fixes can turn into long stretches of wasted time with countless variables such as design issues, developmental lags, lack of technical skills, and unexpected bugs hindering progress.

Not Having the Right Resources or Requirements

Developers need to be able to use the right resources for their individual needs. They should have access and visibility to write code without restrictions, receive guidance from experts when needed to complete projects, and access shared knowledge bases that provide documentation on everything they may encounter during runtime.

Specifications and requirements are critical to IT projects. Writing code without specifications is like building a house with no blueprint, which almost always leads to wasted effort and technical debt. Requirements provide clear directions for everyone involved so long they stay steadfast in their implementation of those specifications.

Understanding Complex Systems

An organization’s codebase can have decades of a combined effort from dozens or hundreds of different developers, each one bringing their unique coding style and decisions. Developers are likely to inherit confusing code that requires serious time commitment if it has not already been committed into source control, the single most significant advance the IT industry has made in recent history.

Keeping Up With Technology

The world of software development is constantly changing. New tools, programming languages, and best practices come out all the time. You need to stay up to date with what’s happening in your field, regardless of whether it is just maintaining code or creating new products for clients.

The number of new skills and technologies you need to attain with time can become overwhelming. But developers are expected to know which tools are suited best for the task at hand, so they often test out different solutions until finding the one that’s the right fit for their needs – this process may take time, but it pays off when done correctly.

Balancing Communication and Interruptions

Constant communication between developers, team leads, and other departments is essential to ensure everyone is on the same page. However, too much communication can be detrimental to productivity as employees spend up to 21% of their time working with tools that cost companies nearly $30,000 per employee every year. Interruptions can cause context switching, making it even harder to focus on getting back on track, which takes 20 minutes on average.

Written by Jorge Lee

Given his background in writing research papers for a tech company, Jorge made it easy to become an editor for Free BSD Made Easy.

Jorge Lee
Given his background in writing research papers for a tech company, Jorge made it easy to become an editor for Free BSD Made Easy.