Inventory Software for Small Business

Inventory Software for Small Business

Establishing a business enterprise in a competitive market s very stressful but with these best inventory software, it becomes easy to let’s take a look at the best inventory software for small businesses.

inFlow Inventory

The perfect balance of a simple and intuitive interface and ubiquitous support services inFlow is an inventory management software that is designed for item-based businesses to track merchandise manage orders, generate invoices, curate reports, and handle other trade operations. Companies use it because they are looking for data analysis that will help them make informed decisions on their office needs to paint the big picture with information from this helpful software!

The efficient software keeps up with your product lists, stocks’ transit status, and organizes the Inventory using DYMO printer-generated barcodes. These barcodes also aid in order distribution–and even help identify products!

 Zoho Inventory

With inventory management software like Zoho Inventory, businesses can take their operations to the next level. This GST-ready application streamlines business processes and enables companies to effectively manage items on hand at any given time with minimal effort from staff members. With all of these capabilities bundled into a single program, it is easy for your company’s success to grow exponentially!


Sellbrite is a robust inventory management software that can help you get in control of your stock and eliminate overselling. This user-friendly platform offers enterprise-level features to give businesses all the tools they need for effective inventory management, including tight integration with other systems like QuickBooks or ServiceNow. The Sellbrite team prioritizes customer support, so whether it’s an issue logging into the system, syncing data from another application, resolving errors in reports – whatever challenge you face, we’re here to help! Sellbrite offers the latest inventory management software that allows for centralized, easy-to-use features. Sellers can view and manage reserved, onhand stock levels with one interface and FBA quantities across other channels through automatic adjustment features.


TradeGecko is an inventory management application that helps you manage your business and boost sales. With a clean interface, impressive features, and cloud-based technology Tradegecko provides all the necessary tools to help small businesses thrive in today’s competitive marketplaces. The inventory management software facilitates organizing and storing goods, which in turn helps to maximize your business operations.


Is QuickBooks good for Inventory?

QuickBooks doesn’t have the necessary features to best meet your inventory needs. As noted, around 13% of SMBs use Quickbooks for this purpose. Despite this, it’s simply not designed with all these features in mind because that’s not its primary goal: The software was built primarily as an accounting tool and is only meant to serve a secondary function here — but even then, it isn’t perfect!

Do small businesses have to keep Inventory?

Inventory is a key aspect of running any retail business. The IRS’s Publication 334 (2015), Tax Guide for Small Business, details the different inventory methods and specifies that if you produce or purchase merchandise in your business, then it must be kept on hand at all times and accounted for using an accrual system when purchasing items from suppliers as well as selling them to customers.

What is the 80/20 Inventory rule?

The rule of 80/20 can be applied to every aspect of life, whether it is relationships or work. The Pareto principle simply means that 20% of your activities will provide you with roughly 80% success and happiness. Whether this applies to what items are offered at a store or which employees produce most sales, the majority derives from just about anything else but these select few factors.

What are the four types of Inventory?

The Inventory you have is essential to your company’s success. There are four different types of Inventory: raw materials, work in progress (WIP), finished goods, and maintenance/repair items (MRO).

How much does QuickBooks advanced inventory cost?

Advanced Inventory is a subscription-based service that amalgamates with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. As of this writing, the cost is $999 per year, and it comes in addition to what you are already paying for your Quickbooks software.

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