Best Database Software For Small Business

Best Database Software For Small Business

Are you looking for the best database software for a small business? Well, you are at the right place. In this blog post, we have named some of the top database software for a small business. Let’s check them out.

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM integrates your customer data management needs by organizing all of them in a single access point. Its event tracking feature keeps you informed about what activities they do to help decide on the next step and ensure that no deal falls through the cracks. This platform also allows teams to collaborate with their tasks using its appointment scheduling, calendar sync, and notes features for everyone’s convenience!

Some of Freshworks CRM’s weak points are its limited email integration options and cap on per-user file storage. It does not offer a free tier, unlike HubSpot CRM, Airtable, and, but it is still the best overall customer database software thanks to affordability, scalability, ease of use support, excellent data management features, including rich built-in phone features like call masking recording voicemail conferencing.

You can also learn about human resource management software for small business to make your business grow well.


HubSpot is the perfect customer database solution for teams looking for a cost-free CRM. It has modules that offer sales, marketing, and more to make sure your team runs smoothly without hiccups! Hubspot also offers free CRMs with robust contact management features so you can manage all of those important business contacts seamlessly on one platform.

While HubSpot’s free plan is a great start for small businesses, it can quickly become pricey with upgrade features. Freshworks CRM offers more in one package and at an affordable rate. Yet, the freemium option of Hubspot gives them top billing among customer database solutions that are completely free to use!


Zendesk offers a variety of products to meet the needs of businesses, no matter their size. Zendesk Sell is tailored for sales and includes lead management tools and productivity features such that you can make deals more quickly. If your company requires customer support, then we have just what it takes – with Zendesk Suite providing all-inclusive CRM software combined with ticketing systems and communication channels integrated into one package!

One of Zendesk’s major setbacks is its steep learning curve, making it inferior to Freshworks CRM in terms of ease of use. Its pricing scheme can get quite pricey for those who want more capabilities like lead generation or customer support, but the comprehensive Suite plans make it ideal for companies wanting a solution with both customer database and options.


What is the best database for business?

Oracle, a leading database provider since 1976, offers everything from customer relationship management to supply chain management. With its fully integrated suite of online applications and powerful yet simple-to-use features, Oracle is the solution for any business that needs it all in one place with an affordable price tag.

How can I create a database for free?

Grubba is a free web-based database option that provides Advanced Users with standard and made-to-order templates, Professional Output Tone of Voice. Open 24 hours per day around the week, Grubba’s SSL protection assures your data will be Protected & Secure.

What are three database examples?

Some examples of popular database software or DBMSs include MySQL, Microsoft Access, SQL Server by Microsoft, and FileMaker Pro. Oracle Database is a type of database that includes the series for dBASE.

How companies use the database for business?

Small businesses run on databases. These repositories of organized information can store virtually every kind of data imaginable, and they can sort that information and deliver it with a click of the mouse to you – your customers’ habits in one tab, sales trends for this month in another: all at your fingertips.

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