How To Find A Good Music Producer?

How To Find A Good Music Producer?

Now that you’ve written an amazing song… what’s next? Maybe you’re looking for a music producer who can take your demo and turn it into a masterpiece. If you have released 20 songs or have never released a song, you should always look for the right music producer to work with. How do you find a good music producer? In the following few minutes, I will tell you exactly how to find a music producer, as well as some dos and don’ts when approaching them.

Take a look around

You’ll want to start by finding some songs within your genre you like and digging through them.

Unfortunately, not all artists or streaming platforms disclose who has played which role on a song. Nevertheless, if you look around on social media platforms or speak to the artist, you will be able to find out pretty easily. Although, if you’re looking for a song by Rihanna, you might be looking in the wrong place!

Even contacting those producers would be difficult given their status as elite. You can then go a level down, and if that is still too hard, go a level down from there. Talented people will reply soon. If you love artists who aren’t mega-famous, it wouldn’t hurt to ask who produced them.

Don’t cross genres

There is nothing better than genre-specific producers. A country artist looking for a producer might choose between a producer who specializes in country music and a non-country music producer who specializes in multiple genres. I would choose the more expensive (but more competent and brilliant) producer.

Studio Recordings

Finding a music producer to work with can be easy in recording studios. In addition to showing you the type of environment you may be working in, they may also have a portfolio that matches your work or even multiple producers you can choose from. Then you could find a recording studio and producer that is a perfect match.

Music Producer Networks on the Internet

You’re looking for a music producer and aren’t sure where to start?

There are websites dedicated solely to the search for audio and music specialists. When using sites like these, you have a plethora of filters to choose from. Budget, genre, reviews, and location are just a few of them. As a result, this might be a useful approach to obtain a sense of the type of producer you have within your budget and genre (and location if you are not looking for remote production).

Make Your Budget Work For You

I usually like to think that creativity knows no rules, but heed my advice here…

Booking someone because they are cheap is never a good idea! If you keep doing what you are doing, you will NOT achieve your goals. It may be necessary for you to save up a bit. Make sure you treat your music with the respect and consideration that it deserves. 

Many artists I know have booked a cheap producer and ended up paying 10x as much for rerecording parts, remixing the song, remastering, etc., and are still not happy with the results. Occasionally, the songs are never even released at all. They are exhausted by the whole process, which has prevented them from working on the song again.

Comparison of Quality vs. Budget

“However, I cannot afford it.”

It’s understandable – experts are expensive. As an artist, I’ve not had a bunch of resources. Would you like to know what I did? Saved up and waited for the right person to come along!

Release SOMETHING to your fans if you want them to get something new from you. Spend a day recording live versions of your songs, film a stop-motion video for your latest release, write a blog, write a new song every day, and share it with your followers or mailing list. Getting creative and giving people something new is your job as a creative!

Producers, mix engineers, mastering engineers, and studios are often complained about being too expensive. There is no good reason to not share your talents and create.

Music producers should ask these questions

You need to make sure that you and the producer you end up working with are on the same page. Both musically and personally. Since you’re going to be collaborating on something important and creative, you want to make sure your background matches that.

You need to discuss more specific issues once you’ve established whether you’re on the same wavelength and if they’re on board with your vision. Questions to ask a potential producer include:

Defining the budget

The answer to this one is simple. By simply asking, “Can I receive a quote for this project based on what we have already discussed? you will immediately know whether the project is feasible.


Here’s another straightforward one: “How long would you expect a project like this to take?”


Again, keep it simple. By asking “What is the process for a project like this, and are there any things I need to get ready in advance? can help smooth out the process and help you prepare for it.

What is Included / What is Not Included

If anything unexpected comes up during the process, you should prepare for it in advance. The production of a song may be offered by some producers, but the mixing cannot. There are some who will offer to play the instruments needed, while others will hire studio and session musicians. Several will offer an all-inclusive package, while others will offer individual stages. Make sure you understand what you’re purchasing before you purchase.


Which producer would be right for you? Someone who can inspire you, make your song brilliant, and you get along with, too.

If you want to have a serious conversation with producers about your music, I recommend talking to no more than three at a time. You’ll know who you get along with and who is the right fit for you soon enough. It’s not a time to pit them against each other. It’s your chance to see who your music is right for.

Do you still have questions? It never hurts to ask bands, artists, or other producers you have found. If you do your research, reach out and have a clear idea in mind of what you want, you can easily share your ideas. Best of luck!

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