Point Of Sale Software For Small Business

Point Of Sale Software For Small Business

Are you looking for the best point of sale software for a small business? You are at the right place. In this nn]blog post we are going to discuss some of the best point of sale software. Let’s start:


Square, a company founded in 2009, has been lauded for its versatile and competitive POS systems used by many small businesses. The Square platform offers three plans: a free plan, which will have credit card processing fees of 2.6% plus $0.10; the Plus Plan with rates at 2.5%, plus $0 to cover costs associated with in-person payments (which is better than most other options); premium which provides customizable features but requires contacting their sales team for more pricing information.

For most small businesses, you’ll want a Square register for just $799. But the company also offers iPad stands and mobile square readers to customize your setup by getting an appropriate stand or reader that suits your needs best.


For nearly 15 years, eHopper has offered an affordable alternative to expensive POS software. Its low-cost plans offer entrepreneurs access to customer and inventory management tools, a clear winner in our best value category. 

The current surcharge for credit card processing passes this cost on the customers; however, with all versions of their system, you’ll get features like:

  • Inventory management
  • Print or email receipts
  • Tip management
  • Reporting options
  • Customer management


With TouchBistro, your restaurant can stay competitive in the twenty-first century and beyond. With their POS software for restaurants with inventory management tools or even just a general business platform to keep track of all orders–TouchBistro is meant for you! 

Their lowest prices start at $69 per month so that any small eatery could be up and running within minutes instead of hours. With a TouchBistro system, you will get different features and tools to support your operations like:

  • Intuitive touch controls for the table management
  • Add recipes to manage inventory costs
  • Remote menu management
  • Access reports and data through the cloud portal


Founded in 2010, Vend offers a reliable POS system that is easy to use and compatible with many types of equipment. With advanced inventory management and analytics, it’s no surprise their best-selling product for retail is the “Vend.” The company currently carries three plans: one register & a location plan, plus two unlimited plans (one as low as $14 per month). All versions give you easy-to-use features. it supports your retail operations, such as:

  • Real-time inventory management
  • Unlimited products and employees
  • Customizable receipts for email or print
  • Total cash management 
  • Inventory control levels
  • Easy-to-personalize reports 
  • A mobile dashboard

I hope this was helpful for you in learning about point of sale software for small business. You should also earn about the best free accounting software for small businesses.


Loyverse is an excellent POS software that utilizes a free plan for small restaurants. The unlimited processing of inventory and sales transactions, the ability to add variants in its product listings, and all CRM features are available on this one inexpensive package!

Loyverse has a 4.01 rating out of 5, coming in behind Square for the top spot on our rankings list. Loyverse was given high marks by many customers who found it easy to use, and experts enjoyed its score features, but it lacked eCommerce integration which prevented them from moving up higher into our ranks.


Siiopa is the cloud-based alternative of Floreant POS. It is basically a popular open-source POS. And it’s our most recommended system for single location startup restaurants because, at its core, Siiopa offers data storage in the clouds and built-in features to manage your menu as well as order management tools, among other things like running on Android. Mobile devices are undoubtedly making this one easy choice!

Based on the criteria we have set for evaluating free POS systems, Siiopa earned a score of 3.39 out of 5 with top marks in pricing and ease-of-use. However, due to a lack of inventory management, eCommerce integration, and multi-location management, it did not get higher scores than that.


Imonggo is the best free point-of-sale software for small businesses and startups. With its inventory management tools, reporting functions, and forever-“free” version, it’s an excellent choice to help you manage day by day operations of your business.

Imonggo is a POS system that offers various features from ordering and inventory management to analytics. For our review, Imonggo scored an overall rating of 2.65 out of 5, which was mostly due to its limitations in terms of the number of transactions allowed per month (1,000) and the limited feature set for free users ($0).


How much is a POS system for a small business?

Keep in mind that the merchant services provider might charge you monthly fees and even a PCI-compliance fee when processing credit or debit card transactions. All this can cost anywhere from $60 to hundreds of dollars per month for software with moderate functionality.

How much does point-of-sale software cost?

The range for restaurant POS systems typically falls between $79 – $150 per month, plus a one-time fixed hardware cost. Software costs vary depending on the features and applications you want to use in your business.

Is square the best for small businesses?

Square makes it easy for any small business to process transactions with its free POS system, which comes at no additional cost.

Is there a free POS system?

If you’re an Android fan, the Square Point of Sale app is also free. The following chart compares two major point-of-sale systems: Square for Retail Free and Square for Retail Plus.

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