What Can I Do With A Software Development Degree

What Can I Do With A Software Development Degree

If you love coding and are interested in designing applications for use on a daily basis, then a bachelor’s degree in software development may be the right choice. As opposed to building embedded systems or receiving an engineering degree, this path will focus more on language learning so that professionals can build fascinating programs from scratch.

Software development is an exciting career that gives you the opportunity to tailor your curriculum and interests. Here’s a look at some hot careers that you can achieve in software development!

Mobile App Developer or Game Developer

Mobile apps are now a necessary part of everyday life, and how they work has changed significantly. While creating high-tech games requires not only knowledge of javascript and HTML but also best practices for designing programs that meet the needs of end-users, these skills aren’t enough to create successful mobile apps. Students interested in this field should master platforms like android or Google+, as well as develop their ability to design easy-to-use applications tailored towards different types of touchpads used by today’s consumers on smartphones/tablets.

Specializing in gaming, you’ll learn about artificial intelligence. As a game developer, you’ll also need to be knowledgeable in computer security – particularly if the platform is being used by minors. Companies like Disney Interactive hire software developers involved with all stages of development from needs analysis to maintenance and have an understanding of business principles and design, as well as bachelor’s level programs may emphasize these aspects too.


The role of a webmaster is to maintain and build websites. This can include setting up email, coding, and communications, creating different versions for iPad or mobile users – i.e., simplified versions for them- as well collecting data about website usage. They also troubleshoot problems while making the site more efficient by hand in design content evaluation. In short, we can say that they need both strong computer skills with great English language skills too.

Database Administrator 

Database administrators are responsible for the maintenance, security, and backup of databases. They can get certified in different systems like Oracle or SQL Server to ensure that they have a higher chance of getting accepted into their desired company. Duties may include analyzing configurations, applying database security patches, testing recovery procedures, monitoring capacity, trending usage. Database designers create data management systems, while script expertise is also useful for these positions as well.

Software Developer 

Software developers may use their coding and database skills to create business solutions for many different problems. They might work with search engine optimization or even asset management! Employers usually look for someone who can fluently speak multiple languages, so it’s not surprising that they ask applicants about half a dozen programming languages in one job ad. Sometimes, the applicant is expected to make user interfaces using AJAX and modules using PHP or Python as well.

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