What Does QA Mean In Software Development

What Does QA Mean In Software Development

What is QA in software development?

Quality assurance is a process that helps companies create reliable products while increasing customer confidence in the brand. By developing and implementing an effective QA system, businesses can increase their credibility, boost efficiency, and gain more of a competitive advantage over other brands.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the driving force behind Quality Assurance in software development practices and processes. This reason why companies pair QA with ISO 9000, an international standard, to ensure their quality assurance system works effectively.

As a formalized process, Quality Assurance has its roots in manufacturing, but it’s expanded out of that industry over time into many others, including IT among them.

How does quality assurance differ from quality control?

Quality assurance and quality control are usually confusing with one another. They’re actually two different things, though they can be interrelated as well. Quality control is the responsibility of a specific team (of testers), whereas quality assurance is everyone’s task involved in the process! Testers fall under QC as it’s a subset of QA activities that includes testing processes, including preventive and corrective ones that prevent defects from occurring or catching bugs post-release, to provide better customer service.

Although all these tasks appear isolated on paper, by looking at their relationships within an organization, we see how important teamwork plays in ensuring products meet standards set forth for them.

Why is maintaining software quality so important?

The quality assurance process of a software development company ensures that its products meet the needs and expectations of customers. It allows building high-quality product offerings, which improve loyalty and trust from consumers. By following standards defined by QA programs, teams can prevent defects before they emerge as an issue for their users.

The QA process at its core creates quality deliverables that ensure that new software requirements aren’t going to affect the software negatively. Depending on the organization’s size, there are various subtasks involved in this process, such as executing tests and creating test cases for those specific tasks.

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