Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Weight Loss Apps

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Weight Loss Apps

These days there’s an app for everything! So why not Weight Loss? Well, the good news is, there are apps for it. How effective they are and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using these apps is what we are about to explore here.

Are weight loss apps effective? If you proactively wish to monitor your calorie intake and take steps to curb your unhealthy habits, then weight loss apps are effective in that they help you keep track of your calories and workouts. In doing so, they make you aware of what you are eating and make you accountable. The main downside is that weight loss apps are not so precise when it comes to calorie tracking. If there is a more severe obesity issue, then a visit to a doctor is better recommended, as the weight loss app may not work effectively enough by itself.

We have talked to the experts and compiled all you need to know about weight loss apps. These pros and cons will help you better plan out your weight loss journey.

Pro: Personalized Diet Tracking, Con: Have to Pay for all the Features and Does not Track Everything

“When using any weight loss app, there can be many advantages and disadvantages. Let’s use Lose It as an example, as it is a popular weight loss app. The Advantages of using Lose It: 1. Interface is extremely friendly and easy to use. – Helps count calories while tracking weight loss. 2. Analyzes a person’s age and weight with how they want to improve their health 3. You can scan in popular foods by their barcodes without having to type in the nutritional values. 4. Provides a daily report of caloric intake 5. Has a feature where users can track their food portion sizes by taking a picture of their dish. The Disadvantages of using Lose It: 1. You have to manually input your daily food intake once a weight loss plan has been created 2. While the app itself is free, all the premium features are locked away unless you pay $9.99 for it. 3. It doesn’t track your intake of minerals and vitamins. 4. Food database is not that large. It is missing a lot of the popular food brands, which means users have to manually type the nutritional values in.”

Thanh (Wayne) Dang is a professional Travel Blogger and Food Blogger Owner of Cooking Sensei.

Pro: Effective Diet Planning, Con: Inaccuracy

“Almost everybody desires to get fit and live healthier though not all are willing to work for it. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t a joke and can become challenging to stick to the routines. That is why a weight loss app is significant to plan a schedule, monitor progress, and see how far it is to reach your goal. Effective diet planning is also among the pros of weight loss tracking software. Diet is a major role player in any weight loss journey, and diet apps give you meal plans to ensure you get the most nutrients to complement your workouts. Creating a personalized workout routine is the other benefit of these apps. If you live a busy life and lack time to go to the gym or seek help from a fitness instructor, you can use a weight tracking app to develop effective workout ideas matching your fitness level. It helps to set realistic goals and guide you through the transition towards becoming active slowly but effectively. A fitness app allows you to set attainable goals, stay motivated and be positive as you work towards a healthier lifestyle. However, as much as there are many benefits of weight loss applications, there are also a few drawbacks. Inaccuracy is among the cons of using fitness apps and is common in apps with pedometers and those that count calories.”

Harriet Chan, Co-founder & Marketing Director  CocoFinder

Pro: Keep You Accountable, Con: Can Feel Monotonous and Restrictive

“It can be challenging to lose weight, but new technology is helping people get healthier and live their best lives. You may have heard of some weight loss apps that are available on the market now, such as MyFitnessPal or Lose It! These apps work by tracking your caloric intake and exercise levels to know how active you are each day. While these apps can help keep you accountable for what you eat and do every day, they also have their drawbacks. There are two sides to the coin when it comes to using a weight loss app to make healthy lifestyle changes. The biggest benefit of using a weight loss app is accountability. These apps are designed to provide  you with the information and tools you need to live a healthier lifestyle. You can keep an eye on  what type of calories and nutrients your body needs to maintain its optimal weight. If you’re thinking about eating that pizza, then the accountability of having to type it into the weight loss app might make you think twice. Weight loss apps can also be highly motivational. Some of the apps are designed to have you compete with others to get some sort of reward or recognition. There is a sense of community when using these types of weight loss applications and it seems as though people are more likely to push themselves harder when they know that other people are watching them succeed. The cons of using a weight loss app is it can get monotonous and repetitive to keep logging everything you eat all day long. Motivation can quickly wear off when it feels like a chore everytime you eat something that you also have to log it. And sometimes, weight loss apps can feel like they’re too restrictive. Some apps only allow you to eat a very certain number of calories per day or have rigid meal plans. And there is also the danger of putting too much faith into an app and becoming dependent on it for weight loss when in reality, what’s most important is how many calories you’re eating every single day.”

Josh Schlottman,  (CSCS), Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, Trainer Josh Fitness

Pro: Can Help in Weight Loss, Con: Can Diminsh Intuitive Eating

“Weight loss apps can be immensely beneficial for weight loss, but they can have some major drawbacks as well. As a personal trainer and health and fitness coach, I’ve helped many clients shed unwanted pounds with the help of a food-logging app. These apps can be absolutely eye-opening as they provide valuable information regarding calorie intake, macros, and eating patterns. However, they can also diminish a very important asset needed to maintain weight loss, and that’s the ability to eat intuitively. The end goal should be to learn intuitive eating, and over time, weight loss or food logging apps can keep individuals from reaching that goal. I suggest using these apps with a planned process. Begin by logging your food for awareness, then shift to planning your food with purpose, and finally learn to eat your food intuitively.”

Kelly Wenner is a Personal Trainer, Founder and Creator of SoulStrength Fit.

Pro: They can Keep Track of your Calories and Exercise Routine, Con: They may Not Have the Correct Caloric Information

“Weight loss apps can be helpful for many people; not only can you keep track of your caloric intake and exercise routines, but you can also save your favorite recipes and make note of macros. However, there is a flip side to weight loss apps as well. Not every app will have the correct caloric information for foods, so you might end up eating less – or more – than you think you are. In regards to calories and food, someone might not know that they’re consuming a more nutrient-dense, healthy food item that might have more calories than something that doesn’t. Knowing how food works to fuel the body (and help you reach your goals successfully) is key, and this factor can be overlooked on many weight loss apps.”

Hannah Daugherty is a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. She is a freelance writer in health and fitness for

While weight loss apps are a great way forwards, they aren’t an entire solution in themselves and it is vital not to fall into a dependency on them. A positive attitude, resilience, balance, perhaps even professional consultation, and a healthy lifestyle are the key factors that can get you all the way to your health goals.

Written by Gena Jones

Gena Jones ensures the work that everyone in the company is putting is of good quality and won’t be compromised.

Gena Jones
Gena Jones ensures the work that everyone in the company is putting is of good quality and won't be compromised.