Best 360-degree Feedback Software

Is it an evaluation of workers? Choose just the most effective 360-degree evaluation methods. Here are the top seven 360-degree feedback platforms of 2022.

Looking for the most effective 360 feedback tools for your 360 surveys? Search no further. Unfortunately, just 55% of employees believe that 360-degree performance assessments are successful. There are firms that conduct performance evaluation surveys simply for the sake of it and then entirely disregard the results.

Now, you cannot fault the employees for disliking the evaluation comments! So, how can you increase the quality of employee evaluations and obtain honest input while maintaining anonymity? A 360-degree feedback system is an optimal solution.

So, what is a 360 feedback tool?

A 360-degree feedback platform allows you to collect anonymous, real-time feedback on employee performance from colleagues, coworkers, superiors, etc., while retaining the respondents’ identity. 360-degree evaluations are a vital element of the employee experience and development process.

The 7 Best 360 Feedback Tools of 2022

Taking into account all of the characteristics, we have compiled a list of the top 360-degree assessment tools for you. Here is a list of the top 7 360-degree feedback technologies that you should investigate in 2022.

  1. SurveySparrow
  2. SurveyMonkey
  3. Typeform
  4. Alchemer
  5. SpiderGap
  6. Qualtrics
  7. CultureAmp


360-degree feedback software – SurveySparrowSurveySparrow is without a doubt one of your greatest options for a 360 feedback solution if staff evaluation isn’t a “yearly humbug” for you. The platform ensures a highly tailored and engaging 360-degree feedback survey experience for your workers, whether they are supervisors, peers, or both. The multi-UI platform includes both chat-like surveys and conversational forms, resulting in a 40% increase in response rates!


Next on our list of the finest 360-degree feedback tools is the ever-popular SurveyMonkey platform. The tool assists you in aligning your teams and departments to adopt a strategic approach to achieving your enterprise’s mission. Collect feedback anonymously with easy surveys provided by the 360 feedback program.


Typeform’s 360-degree assessment approach allows you to quickly and easily collect feedback from your whole staff. Typeform, one of the top form builder applications, is a platform that is gaining popularity daily. The tool’s 360-degree evaluation procedure allows you to collect comments from your whole team for more accurate employee assessments. Typeform allows you to customize your 360-degree feedback survey. Include or omit questions, modify designs, and alter logic as desired. There’s more. Additionally, you may distribute mobile-friendly forms via numerous web platforms.


Thanks to Alchemer’s customized and automatic reports, you may quickly evaluate your personnel. In addition, the famous online survey platform Alchemer makes it simple to set up and manage 360-degree feedback. The application allows you to upload a CSV file containing respondent information and then generate the survey in a flash. You can quickly assess your staff owing to their unique and automatic reports.


SpiderGap is cloud-based software dedicated to 360-degree feedback and staff evaluation. SpiderGap is one of the top 360-degree feedback systems on the market owing to its unique characteristics. You may tailor your surveys to evaluate personnel ranging from 5 to 500,000, and generate personalized results using a drag-and-drop user interface. In addition, your employees can select their own feedback suppliers.


As part of Employee XM, the experience management business Qualtrics delivers 360-degree feedback. As part of Employee XM, the experience management business Qualtrics delivers 360-degree feedback. Qualtrics 360 feedback enables HR professionals to take action based on the insights provided by the individual reports for each employee. The software’s built-in secrecy measures safeguard the anonymity of respondents/evaluators, which is another notable feature.

Culture Amp

With its user-friendly, mobile-friendly surveys, Culture Amp is one of the greatest 360-degree feedback solutions. Cultural Amp is a specific platform backed by psychologists and data scientists that promote employee engagement and evaluations. The 360-degree feedback instrument utilizes an action-oriented feedback structure to assist close the feedback loop. You have automatic 360-degree feedback surveys for nearly all phases, such as leaving, onboarding, routine performance evaluation, etc.

Provided it is sincere and objective, feedback is always beneficial to the development of a business. And there’s little doubt that 360-degree feedback is the future of employee feedback and evaluation. Employee performance may be enhanced and employees’ efforts recognized by soliciting all-encompassing evaluation feedback.

Now that you have so many mechanisms in place, employee motivation is skyrocketing. It’s common sense that employees will be more fulfilled if they are made aware of their own personal skills and weaknesses and are pushed to strive for greater things. You should be pleased with the results since content workers provide superior results. So, pick the best 360 feedback tool from the options above and get ready to upgrade your approach to staff evaluation.

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Penny is a content editor who loves to read books and writes poetry. Her passion leads the way to be the best editor of the company.