Point Of Sale Software Free For Small Business

Point Of Sale Software Free For Small Business

Selecting the perfect free POS software is a crucial decision for any business owner because it will determine how well their company operates. The ideal system can handle payments, produce reports, manage sales and inventory—and even customer relations! Free systems often offer all of these features at “almost zero cost.” let’s take a look at the best point of sale software free for small businesses.


Loyverse is an excellent POS software that utilizes a free plan for small restaurants. The unlimited processing of inventory and sales transactions, the ability to add variants in its product listings, and all CRM features are available on this one inexpensive package!

Loyverse has a 4.01 rating out of 5, coming in behind Square for the top spot on our rankings list. Loyverse was given high marks by many customers who found it easy to use, and experts enjoyed its score features, but it lacked eCommerce integration which prevented them from moving up higher into our ranks.


Siiopa is the cloud-based alternative of Floreant POS. It is basically a popular open-source POS. And it’s our most recommended system for single location startup restaurants because, at its core, Siiopa offers data storage in the clouds and built-in features to manage your menu as well as order management tools, among other things like running on Android. Mobile devices are undoubtedly making this one easy choice!

Based on the criteria we have set for evaluating free POS systems, Siiopa earned a score of 3.39 out of 5 with top marks in pricing and ease-of-use. However, due to a lack of inventory management, eCommerce integration, and multi-location management, it did not get higher scores than that.


eHopper is a cloud-based POS software. It is one of the best point of sale software for small businesses.  It is designed for specialty shops. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Poynt hardware, and Windows. eHopper provides detailed inventory management features, including the ability to sell items by weight, plus offer order tracking, customer management payment processing, and time clock capabilities that are sure to satisfy any shop needs. Not only does it have great tools, but its cash discounting tool helps businesses achieve zero cost in payments as well!

eHopper offers a variety of features that make it easy to use and understand, but not without some drawbacks. For example, while the pricing is outstanding for e-commerce integrations, there are no loyalty points or customer support options available with this app.


Imonggo is the best free point-of-sale software for small businesses and startups. With its inventory management tools, reporting functions, and forever-“free” version, it’s an excellent choice to help you manage day by day operations of your business.

Imonggo is a POS system that offers various features from ordering and inventory management to analytics. For our review, Imonggo scored an overall rating of 2.65 out of 5, which was mostly due to its limitations in terms of the number of transactions allowed per month (1,000) and the limited feature set for free users ($0).


What is the best point of sale software for a small business?

Square has a long-standing reputation for being the go-to POS system when it comes to small businesses. The company’s Square software is flexible, with plenty of room to grow as your business does, and it can be used across different industries too!

How much does it cost to install a POS system?

The range for restaurant POS systems cost typically falls between $79 – $150 per month, with monthly software costs and a one-time fixed hardware cost starting at only $799.

How do I get a POS machine in a week?  

You can get a POS machine from any FirstBank branch for free within one week. All you have to do is visit the retail department and fill out an easy form!

Written by Penny Harper

Penny is a content editor who loves to read books and writes poetry. Her passion leads the way to be the best editor of the company.

Penny Harper
Penny is a content editor who loves to read books and writes poetry. Her passion leads the way to be the best editor of the company.