What Is Coding In Software Engineering

What Is Coding In Software Engineering

In software engineering, coding is a process of transforming system design into computer language format. The coding phase of software engineering is concerned with software translating design specs into the source code. Well, it is mandatory to write internal documentation and source code so that it will be easy to verify the conformance of code to its specs.

Coders and programmers do the codding. These people are independent of designers. The goal is not to cut the cost or reduce the effort coding phase, but it is done to cut the cost of a later stage. You can significantly reduce the cost of maintenance and testing with smart coding.

Goals of Coding

Translate the system design into a computer language format: The coding process transforms the system design into the computer language format. This format can be executed and performs tasks specified by the design of operations during the phase of designing.

To reduce the cost of later phases: with efficient coding, you can significantly reduce the cost of maintenance and testing

Make the programs easy to read: By making code easier to read and understand, we can make it more maintainable. This is an important objective of coding activities because if our goal is simply producing software, this will not happen by accident.

Coding Standards

Code standards are how a developer writes a code. Below are some representative coding standards:

Indentation: Proper indentation is important to make easy-to-read programming. Indentation is used to emphasize the body of control structure, conditional statement, and emphasize a scope block.

Inline comments: They analyze the functioning of key aspects and subroutine of frequently used algorithms.

Rules for limiting the use of global: These rules decide what data can be declared global

Structured Programming: This programming method shall be used. Avoid using GOTO statements as they lead to hard-to-read spaghetti code.

Naming conventions for local variables, global variables, and constant identifiers: A naming convention for variables can be that global variable names begin with a capital letter; local variable names are made of constant names and small letters.

Error return conventions and exception handling system: Organizations should standardize the way error conditions are checked and handled within their programs.

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