What Is Integration Testing In Software Testing

What Is Integration Testing In Software Testing

Integration testing means combining the unit-tested module one by one and then testing its behavior as a combined whole. Its main function or goal is to check how well they work together when interfaces are involved.

Integration testing verifies the interfaces between individual modules. The goal is to make sure each module works correctly in isolation and then put them together for a full system test to see if everything still works as expected.

The individual modules are first tested in isolation. Once they’ve passed the tests, we integrate them one by one until every module has been integrated for validation purposes; this way, you can see if all of your requirements were implemented correctly without having any problems or errors during testing!

Integration testing is a precautionary measure that starts as soon as all modules are complete. In order to make sure there aren’t any conflicts between features, integration should always happen simultaneously with development!

Benefits of Integration Testing

Integration testing is the best way to ensure that your code works seamlessly together, even if you’ve had it for years and updated versions. Integration Testing takes these systems one step closer to completion by making sure all parts are working properly before final assembly!

Software verification is essential for the integrity of our builds since only functional and highly performing software can proceed to further stages. Finding bugs will become more difficult if they are not found during this process, so you must get in touch with us right away!

If you want to sum up the advantages of integration testing, in a nutshell, they are as follow:

  • Simultaneous testing of different modules is practical, convenient, and cost-effective.
  • At any stage of SDLC, integration checks can take place. 
  • It is a blessing for a team involved in projects with changing requirements that are under review after the start of development.
  • Integration can usually cover any amount of program code in just one sprint, unlike other types of tests.

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